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KarLA offers here the calculated immission values by multiplying the emission value out of measurements according to the standards for testing with a correction factor (see Annex 1 of the TRLV Vibration, Part 1). This correction factor was determined for  a  typical use of the machine.

You can better select the machine using the option fields and select the ranking of the result by clicking on one of the triangles in the head of the columns. If you are clicking on the Details button you will see all information available about the measurement and the machine.

If you are marking a machine in the first column you will see the average of the frequency weighted RMS values of the vibration acceleration for the selected machines below the table.




You can identify the level of exposure easily with the colour codes.

Green Field means: Exposure Limit Value ELV is reached .

Yellow Field means: Exposure Limit Value ELV is reached .

Red Field means: Exposure Limit Value ELV is reached .

HAV Immission Values derived from Emission Values

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