You may easily identify the exposure level in relation to the exposure limit value due to the colored marking.

Green field: the limit value will be achieved only after an exposure time of 8 hours or longer

Yellow field: the limit value will be achieved for an exposure time of 2-8 hours

Red field: the limit value will be achieved for an exposure time below 2 hours

Last change: 08.03.2019

Noise Immission Values

KarLA here offers the results of sound-measurements at machines in different activities under the special working conditions described in the dataset.

You can narrow the search of a machine using the option fields and select the ranking of the result by clicking on one of the triangles in the head of the columns. If you are clicking on the Details button you will see all information available about the measurement and the machine.

If you are marking machines in the first column you will see the average of the A-weighted equivalent continuous sound levels for the selected machines below the table.

In each case, only those machine groups and categories are listed, where datasets are available for. Different sound values ​​can occur for a machine due to different operating conditions (see detailed view).


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Machine groupMachine categoryManufacturerTypeYoMActivityLevel LAeq in dBtime to lower action value in h:mintime to higher action value in h:minDetails

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Catalogue of representative noise and vibration data at work

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