You may easily identify the exposure level in relation to the exposure limit value due to the colored marking.

Green field: the limit value will be achieved only after an exposure time of 8 hours or longer

Yellow field: the limit value will be achieved for an exposure time of 2-8 hours

Red field: the limit value will be achieved for an exposure time below 2 hours

Last change: 20.02.2019

Averaged WBV Immission Values

The acceleration values ​​given here are immission values ​​under typical operating conditions in accordance with Section 4.2.3 or orienting values ​​in accordance with Section 4.2.5 TRLV Vibration Part 1 (Technical Rules to the Noise and Vibrations Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance).

Only those machine groups and categories are listed, for which datasets are available.

You can better select the machine using the option fields and select the ranking of the result by clicking on one of the triangles in the head of the columns. If you are clicking on the Details button you will see all information available about the measurement and the machine.

For the applicability of the acceleration values ​​given here in the risk assessment, please refer to the notes in the details. If possible, first use the averaged immission values ​​and only then the averaged orientation values.

Averaged WBV Immission Values

The acceleration aw denoted is those of the three direction values awx, awy, awz, which leads first to the achievement of the action value according to Directive 2002/44/EC (thereby the direction-dependent correction factors kx=ky=1,4 und kz=1) have to be taken into account). The reflection with regard to the limit value is carried out for the national implementation of the directive (i. e. the exposure limit value in the direction of z is reduced).

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